Light Of The World

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Keep Watch for the Lord Will Come Again!

by Rev. Patrick Feldhus 

Why do most crimes happen after dark? Most criminals hope the darkness will conceal their crimes. They think they can get away because they cannot be seen. In order to deter criminals, we set up motion lights outside our homes. We hope when the light shines on criminals, they will turn away for fear of exposure and capture.

One of the greatest ways to keep your home safe when going out of town is to have your house lights on a timer. The lights turning on in the home make it difficult for criminals to choose your home to rob.

Light clearly plays a significant role in keeping us safe. It also keeps us prepared for the Lord to return. This is not a physical light, but the light of the Lord. This is the only way for us to be prepared. Without the light of the Lord, we would remain in the darkness of sin.

Think of the gift of light that was given to the world! Every day we need the light of the Lord to keep us focused on the return of our Savior. The devil, the world around us, and the sinful hearts in us would like us to dabble in the darkness so we can walk away from the light.

But Jesus remains in our hearts through His words and a light that shines brightly. His light of forgiveness and righteousness is ours through faith. We continue to walk in the light of the Lord by listening to His words of life and by celebrating the gift given to us by God, the Father at Christmas.

Every day is a battle to walk in the light. Yet we still have hope, as Jesus our light won this battle for us when he lived a perfect life for us, died to pay for our sins, and rose declare us “not guilty” before our Father.

With this good news constantly in front us, the darkness of sin cannot prevail. We will continue to keep watch for that day when Jesus returns and take us to the glory he won for us.

Prayer: Dear Holy Spirit Light Divine, keep Jesus as our light as we continue to face this dark and sinful world. Be our strength when the devil comes with his temptations to walk away from the light. Help us to say no to our sinful urges, pick up our cross and follow Jesus. In Jesus’ name we pray! Amen.