The Daring Dad

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I sometimes find it easier to lead at work than to  lead at home. At work there are deadlines, priorities, missions and people who look to me to accomplish specific goals. At the office, a chain of command has been set up; you know who the leader is, and sometimes you are glad it isn’t you. And then you go home. Some of us view our wife as the CEO of the house; some of us are dual supervisors; and some of us don’t want to lead the home life at all.

Newsflash! Paul tells the church in Ephesus that the husband is the head of the household, as Jesus is head of the church. Dad - Husband - you are compared to Jesus. How does that feel? You are not only called to lead your family, but you are called to lead your family spiritually. How often do you read the Bible to your kids? How often do you talk about spiritual things with your son or daughter?

I DARE YOU to lead your wife or kids through a Bible study or read a Bible story to them today.