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The Breath of Life

When God created Adam in Genesis, He used dust to form his shape, and His own breath to awaken him. After this specific passage, the term “breath” and or “breathe” in Scripture is often before the phrase “God gives”. Do you live your life knowing each breath you take is a gift from our heavenly Father?

Our bodies God has given us are designed down to the tiniest detail. When you breathe and take a breath, oxygen enters your lungs and is exchanged with carbon dioxide as you exhale. Oxygen is fuel your body needs for cells to function at their full capacity. Unfriendly organisms like bacteria and viruses tend to hide from oxygen because oxygen creates life.

There can be circumstances when we cannot breathe properly, including stress and poor posture from viewing your smartphone while constantly looking downwards. This position compresses your lungs and you are unable to receive the full amount of oxygen needed. I would encourage you to lay backwards on a large exercise ball to stretch and strengthen your posture and core muscles. It is important to focus on increasing your oxygen intake to facilitate brain and cellular function so you can perform at peak performance.

Are there any areas in your life that are blocking you from receiving all of God’s blessings for your life? Write down what those might be and visit Dr. Bob’s additional suggestions to help improve your breathing.


This Plan was created to help guide you in the exploration of the Bible. While healthy lifestyle ideas may be presented, we recommend consulting your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine.