Be Free From Pornography

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Freedom is Found in Daily Looking at the Cross

The night God spoke to me, I could hardly believe what I had heard. The God of the universe had just taken the time to speak to me, and He was not reminding me of my failure. He was not listing His disappointments in me. He was reminding me of how passionately He loved me.

I had taken so much time trying to get on God’s good side, but I had failed to find Him. I had failed to truly find Him because I had not sought after Him with my whole heart. I did not seek after Him with my whole heart because I did not believe He would respond. It’s not because I had never heard of the love and grace of God. I just did not believe that the love and grace of God were big enough to cover my mess. When I finally began to believe that God was going to do what He said He was going to do, I found Him. I found an intimate, personal, friendship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. When I finally found Him, I was set free.

Through the gospels, Jesus instructs people to “repent and believe.” I had repented when I asked God to help me stop watching pornography; I was trying to turn away from my sin. But for a long time, I missed belief in Jesus. I was believing in my own ability to stop sinning and start living a perfect life. But when I began to believe in Jesus, in his work on the cross that purified me once and for all, his grace gave me victory over sin. And in his unconditional love I found the joy and satisfaction my heart had been longing for so badly.

Jesus wants to give you that same freedom, joy, and peace through an intimate walk with his Spirit. Let me leave you with this simple encouragement: when you seek God with your whole heart, you will find him. You will find that he has been loving you and longing for you the entire time.

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