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God’s Promises To You: A 4-Day Reading PlanSample

God’s Promises To You: A 4-Day Reading Plan

DAY 1 OF 4

I Will Save You

Many of us think about salvation the way we think about an item on our bucket lists: Been there, done that. What’s next? 

But when we check off salvation like we would a dream vacation, we lose sight of the significance of the moment. Salvation is more than a memorable experience. Salvation is like moving to another country forever. 

When we ask Jesus into our lives, we start a new life with Him. Like a man who moves halfway around the world, our position changes in an instant. We become citizens of God’s kingdom, where sin has no jurisdiction. 

And the same way that it takes time to adjust to life in a new country, it can take time to adjust to this new life with Jesus. In both cases, the language is different and the culture is unfamiliar. There’s a temptation to stick with what we know instead of embracing the new world we’re in. But how can we experience the fullness of our new lives until we let go of our old way of doing things?

In a paraphrase of Romans 6, Eugene Peterson writes, “If we’ve left the country where sin is sovereign, how can we still live in our old house there? … We entered into the new country of grace — a new life in a new land!” (Romans 6:1-3, MSG). 

Jesus saved us from our sins in the past, but He also saves us to a life with Him in the present and in the future. Salvation isn’t something that happened one time during an altar call. It’s an ever-present reality that affects every part of our lives. 


God, thank you for saving me, and thank you for continuing to change me. Show me any areas where I need to let go of my old way of doing things and embrace the new life you’ve given me. 


  • Do you know someone who needs to experience a new life with Jesus? Invite them to church and share how Jesus has changed you. 


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About this Plan

God’s Promises To You: A 4-Day Reading Plan

The better life is found in God’s promises. His promises show us the life available to us when we believe in Jesus. Unlike the promises we make to each other, every promise God makes comes to pass. God never goes back on...


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