Jesus in All of Leviticus - A Video Devotional


Welcome to Jesus in All of Leviticus. Our prayer is that you will encounter Jesus and his Gospel in Leviticus like never before.

Each day, you will have the opportunity to read a short devotional or watch a short video that will walk you through the text and show you how it is fulfilled in Jesus.

Each day you will see the same three things: 

1. What’s Happening? 

This section explains what is going on in the text. 

2. Where is the Gospel? 

This section shows how this story ultimately points to Jesus and his Gospel. 

3. See for Yourself

This is a short, Trinitarian prayer meant to propel you into Scripture to see the good news of Jesus for yourself. 

Before jumping in, we’d ask you to do two things to prepare your heart.

First, please consider starting with the passage from Psalms assigned for today. Use it as a prayer. Put the Psalmist's words into your own words. Ask God to send his Holy Spirit to help you understand Leviticus and see Jesus throughout it. Prayer is a critical part of engaging God’s Word.

Second, watch our introduction video to the book of Leviticus. It serves as a helpful overview of Leviticus’ main points and shows you how Jesus is at the center of it all.

We hope this journey transforms you. May the Holy Spirit open your eyes to see the beauty of Jesus in all of Scripture.