The Gift in You


Knitted and Known

Before God invaded eternity with the idea of “TIME”, He existed. Nothing else. Then God started creating everything as described in Genesis 1. Finally, in His greatest work, He created man. You and me. Scripture says that He knit me in my mother’s womb. Knitting is intricate handwork, but for God, it was a “fearfully and wonderfully made” handiwork. No creator creates anything without some intention to the design and the same is true for our Creator Father. So, what is my purpose? This question has been asked across generations by millions. Trying to wrap my mind around being personally and intentionally knitted and known by a perfect Holy Creator God leaves me humbly asking, “But why?” 

We are each a unique, inimitable creation made in the image of a Holy God. Each of us are gifted with strengths, personality and giftings. Then on top of that, we are signed with our own personal thumbprint. He brings forth His purposes for our lives through this principle of individuality. 

The personal “knitting” suggests that we are created ON purpose, FOR purpose and WITH purpose. No one knits something accidentally! When a knitter knits, it is with a plan in mind. A vision. There is a plan for each of our matchless lives. The devil does not want us to believe this or pursue this truth.

If I was deliberately created by a Creator, what was my designed purpose and calling? Do I know it? Could I miss it? Why was I created in this time of world history? These questions have always burdened my mind. They keep me searching and open for the “Knitter’s” intent. Can we discover that intent or purpose? Tragically, can we completely miss it? If all creation beckons us to the heart of God, then let’s respond and seek to live out our assignments. Since life is not a dress rehearsal, it would be a shame to miss it!


Ponder the creation from the heart of our Creator. Could you be an accident if you were intentionally KNITTED in your mother’s womb? Do you know His intentions for your life? 


Lord, teach me Your purposes in knitting me fearfully and wonderfully in my mother’s womb. I don’t want to miss a thing. I want to live in the fulfillment of your intentional assignment for my life.