CONCRETE & CRANES: A 7-Day Devotional for Kids

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day 1 - Prayer

“Wait just a minute!” Tim exclaimed. “Did you say pray constantly?” Tim’s granddad was reading the Bible aloud while Tim put his model together. “I can’t pray constantly. How would I listen when other people talk or pay attention in class?”

Tim’s granddad smiled and put down his Bible. “A few minutes ago you were working on your model and I was working on Grandma’s clock. You knew I was here. Sometimes you’d ask a question and I’d answer. Then, we both go back to working. We didn’t talk all the time.” 

Suddenly Tim got it. “We weren’t talking all the time, but you were there and we knew what each other was doing. We were still there with each other even without words.”

“Exactly,” Granddad said smiling, “God is always with us, and when we think that way, we are still communicating with God even when we aren’t using words.”


The Bible says God knows our thoughts before we say them out loud. Find Psalm 139:4 in your Bible. What does this verse say about God and your thoughts? Write your answer in a journal.


Thank God that you don’t have to wait for Him to answer like a phone call. Thank Him for listening even before you think a thought.