Life After Struggle

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2020 Hindsight

At the beginning of the year, everyone was talking about 2020 vision—or the picture of the ideal future they had for this year.

At the end of the year, I believe we'll all be talking about 2020 hindsight—or the lessons learned after a global pandemic.

None of us wanted to be in this season. Nobody prepared for it either. And believe it or not, but the pandemic has touched the life of every person in some way.

But now that we're here, we would do best if we extract what we need from this season and carry it with us into the future.

After all, I think one thing is clear: we're not returning to our normal lives after this. And I don't think we should want that either. I don't know many people who wish they would go back to spending overtime in an office, returning to jam-packed schedules, or their overcommitted lives.

We have an opportunity to assess how we want to move forward.

That's what this Bible Plan is about. It's about moving forward. And it contains helpful insights to help you move forward with confidence, knowing that the Lord has good things for you ahead.

To move forward, I believe we need to be present in this season and listen to what God is trying to teach us now.

In John 2:22, it says that the disciples remembered Jesus saying that He was going to raise the temple up in three days. At the time, this didn't make sense to them. But they still held it in their heart until it finally did make sense in hindsight.

The danger is we hold nothing in our hearts, so when the time comes, we understand nothing of this season.

To understand the work of God, we have to sit still and listen to what He's trying to show us. Then, we'll have clear takeaways from this season.

Let's strive to have eye-opening takeaways from this pandemic.

After all, it's not about going back to the way life was; it's about moving forward.