Through Deuteronomy


Leaving the Comfort Zone


Deuteronomy is Moses's concluding words to the Israelites. This was the second time they were on the brink of entering the promised land. Moses gives them a flashback of the entire journey, along with instructions for their life. The first time, they had allowed fear to take over, as they believed the report of the ten spies who saw the reality rather than the promise-keeping God, who would reign above the truth. Only Joshua and Caleb saw God above reality.

Now, forty years later, one whole generation had passed away. Moses was addressing many who were born in the desert as they were all less than twenty years old except Joshua and Caleb. Those who left Egypt after seeing God's mighty hand failed to conquer the promised land. The children were inheriting their promise. Even Moses lost the privilege when he disobeyed God.

As I write this devotion, in my personal life, God has promised me blessings which look impossible. I am a realistic person. As much as I would love to have these blessings, I am entirely satisfied with what I have right now as God has blessed me with; more than I asked or imagined. I find myself identifying with the realistic Israelites. God punished the Israelites as they failed to see a powerful, promise-keeping God. We worship a God who is the "I am". He is the God who has challenged us saying "is anything too hard for Me?". We usually like to quote this verse when we want God to fulfill our impossible desires and get angry with God when it doesn't happen. God is only promising He will accomplish the impossibilities He has promised us. To each one its different. It was not the same blessing for Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron. What is common, is those blessings looked impossible to the one it was promised. 

So, is it wrong to be real? No, but being authentic is being in a comfortable zone. God wants us to move to the uncomfortable area of impossibilities He promises. As you read Deuteronomy, remember that God, through Moses, was challenging the Israelites to believe in the impossibilities, believing He is a promise-keeping God.

Thought for the day: Which of God's promises do I doubt today?

Lord, I choose to be uncomfortable as I wait for the fulfillment of your promise in my life, which seems impossible in my eyes. 

Additional reading: Deuteronomy 1- 3