GO2020 | ENGAGE: June Week 1 - ABIDE

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May 31—Making Disciples

GO2020 is focused on mobilizing every believer to be a witness and fulfill the Great Commission given to the church to make disciples. Fulfilling the Great Commission does not happen by dropping gospel grenades and walking away. We fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples who are trained and equipped to also make disciples! This is multiplication! We teach new believers to obey all Jesus commanded. This will take time, commitment, and energy. Fulfilling the Great Commission is challenging as it takes effort and long-term commitment to disciple people like Jesus did.

Jesus discipled three, and then twelve, and then seventy, and then one hundred twenty people. He ministered to crowds but invested in just a few individuals. He was intentional about teaching, training, equipping and then releasing his followers to perform kingdom activity. He invited them to “come and see” and then empowered them to “go and tell!” We must do the same! We are called to make disciples of Jesus—not disciples of ourselves or our favorite preacher. When we make disciples and obey the Great Commission, Jesus will build the church—it’s that simple!


Read this week’s memory verse, 2 Timothy 2:2. You’ll be working on memorizing this verse throughout the week. Today, simply read it and rest.  

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