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HOPE IS REVEALED WITHIN PROMISES KEPT: God was, is, and always will be faithful in keeping His promises.

Jesus has always been with us.  He existed at the start of all things.  He is one with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to Earth as both fully God and fully man.  Jesus fulfilled the final part of God’s plan to restore our relationship with Him and renew all of creation. 

The Bible records God’s promise of Jesus over 2,000 times!  He shares with us details of His lineage, His character, how He will come to us.  Most importantly, He reveals how and where each promise would be fulfilled and kept.

Revisiting the past can help us in dealing with the future. Research shows the benefits of nostalgia in helping us cope during times of crisis and change. History shows us that humanity has come through devastation, destruction, evil, and heartache.  We were created to overcome fear, to be cultivators of courage, to be carriers of hope, and to radically love others within a world that is always changing.

Throughout the Bible, we see God inviting people to remember His promises using symbolic visuals or actions. One of the most beautiful symbols God uses is a rainbow.  The rainbow was a reminder of God's promise not to destroy, but to redeem all of creation. God invited Joshua to create a cairn of stones in the Jordan river to mark where He miraculously led the people into the land He promised. Jesus invites us to join with Him through the practice of communion.  Communion is the symbolic breaking of bread and drinking of wine as a remembrance of what He did at Easter.   Communion can bring us the ultimate sense of belonging.

The Bible tells us God is unchanging, and history shows us He keeps His promises to humanity as a whole, and to us as individuals.  Jesus is the One who was, and is, and is yet to come!  We can truly trust our promise-keeping God.

God is love, and His greatest act of love was in keeping His promise of sending us a Savior, Jesus.   Jesus' crucifixion restored our relationship with God, and it is that act that gives us hope for the future.  Through Jesus, we have been given the strength and courage we need to overcome fear and face every new day.

An invitation to interact with God in meditation and visualization:

As you meditate with a thankful heart on those kept promises of Jesus, also be sure to take the time to listen. You are truly loved, seen, and known by the promise-keeper God!  He may want to remind you of His past promises kept, His promises being fulfilled today, and His assurance of future promises.

As you spend time in interaction with God, consider visualizing a response to Him with words, images, or music. 

Remember, God loves to hear from you too!