Gone Fishin' Five


Gone Fishin'

Bert, Indian Catholic Dad, Fixing My Internet

Gina had reminded me that though I have a cold and haven't been able to be out sharing the Good News, that perhaps the Lord would open the door with the repairman today. God used that to make me stay in prayer and look for opportunities. Thanks, partner!

We had an hour and a half together. I mentioned I had prayed for him as I saw him claiming that very tall ladder out my window. He was very grateful and mentioned that he doesn't talk to anybody about religion because he doesn't want to offend anybody, especially his wife's parents who have an Indian religious background.

"Religion and politics are things I never discuss with anybody," he explained.

The frustrations of our hearts can be windows into the beliefs of our souls. — Todd Hillard

Not knowing where he stood for sure I asked him where he was in his spiritual journey these days. He relayed to me that he had gone to a Catholic School and had brought his kids up to do right.

I commented, "You know, Bert, there is a significant difference between all the other religions and Christianity, right? Consider that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and no one else did. So since Jesus said if you don't believe in him, the only way to get to heaven, then you go to that other place”. I said, "Well, this makes me want to tell everybody about it."

"If I see somebody crossing the street and a truck is coming but they don't see it and I don't tell them, then they're going to die. I just can't be quiet about such a thing as Jesus is the way to get to heaven,  you know what I mean?"

I can't remember exactly how I said it for sure but somehow I rhymed truck with duck, like a stuck duck. We both cracked up and as he was leaving, I handed him a tract called Steps to Peace with God and another tract called God's Good News in Colors.

He beamed. It felt so good to know God had opened the door as Burt enthusiastically promised to read them.

"Father God, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus, from the bottom of my heart I appreciate the adventure of getting to share the good news again. You waited so long for me to say yes to your invitation to be saved. Thank you for bringing Bert to me. I beg you, bring Bert to salvation and his whole household too."

Please don’t try and compare yourself with anyone, let alone me. 2 Corinthians 10:12 says “When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are without understanding.

Hey, this thing is happening NOW but it wasn’t for a long time. It’s God. I’m just along for the ride and it’s a THRILLER!

Please say a prayer that Bert will see there's a difference between religion and a relationship with God.