Uncommen: Man Eyes

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A Taste for Competition

When God made men, we came hard-wired with specific attributes, and one of them is competition. 

You pull up to a red light and stop only to see the guy in the sportscar pull up a little bit more at the red light. You ease up just a bit to be ahead of him, and he does the same thing. The light turns green and bam, you're auditioning for the Fast & Furious 37. 

You're cutting grass with your $180 push mower, and your neighbor drives out of his garage on his new John Deere riding mower. The next time you're at the home improvement store, you find yourself looking at riding mowers.

Someone posts about their 3rd vacation this year to Disney or their trip to Europe, and you start squawking about what kind of job or debt they must have.

I know a man who is so caught up in numbers that if you tell him you've done something (insert number here), he will tell you something higher than that. This person has told me how many gospel tracts he's passed out about 20 times over the years. One day he ran across a missionary and said to him that he had passed out over 50,000 tracts. The missionary told him that was great, and he had passed out over one million. There's always a bigger fish if you only focus on fish.

We've all been there, and I don't like it when I take my eyes off Jesus and focus it on someone else. I start comparing myself to what others have or do when I should be focused on being thankful for what God has blessed me with instead.

Before you roll your eyes and hate/like someone's post of them being in Paris again this year, keep your focus on what's important - Jesus.

Uncommen Questions

Do you find it necessary to compete with others?

When you win that competition, do you find that joy short-lived? 

What can you do to keep your focus on Jesus and not on other people?

Uncommen Challenge

I challenge you (and myself) to keep our eyes on Jesus and worry about being in the will of God rather than competing with people. Focus our service, blessings, and our imitation to be more Christlike and fewer people like.

Scripture References:
Galatians 6:4, Luke 16:15
Proverbs 14:30
Colossians 3:23