Whistles and Wedding Rings: Devotions for Coaches and Spouses

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Love Is Sticky

------- D E V O T I O N ------

Colossians 3:14

Has your coaching family ever been connected with a program that was marked by unity and love? If so, that must have been fantastic. If not, do you believe that can be achieved? Do you find everyone in the coaching community easy to love, or have there been some challenging times with certain people? How would making the purposeful choice to love develop a perfect bond of unity in your coaching family?

That is precisely the point made by the Apostle Paul as he wrote to his friends in the church at Colossae in chapter three, verse fourteen, “Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.” That seems pretty simple until you have to love some unlovely or seemingly unlovable people. Some coaching staffs and most families have some of each.

The language Paul uses is very important to this process. He says, “Above all.” What follows is obviously of greatest importance. It’s like when the coach blows the whistle to get everyone’s attention. Consider the whistle blown. “Clothe yourselves with love.” To wrap ourselves in love is to be done as purposefully and as regularly as we put on clothes to start each day. Such love is the stuff that “binds us all together in perfect harmony.” This love, purposefully put on, is the sticky stuff that binds teams, coaching staffs, marriages, families, and friends together.

Coaching family, above all, wrap yourselves in the wonderfully sticky love of God. It will bind you together. It will keep you unified, perfectly. Put it on today, tomorrow, the next day, and so on. This is the substance of life-long devotion.

Questions for Contemplation and Discussion:

1.  Think about the coaches and families you know who are characterized by unity and love.

2.  What makes them tick? How do they clothe themselves with love?

3.  What are some daily habits you can cultivate that help you put on love, purposefully and regularly?