Confidence in Calling

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Calling and Adventure

When we respond to the call of God, we enter into a faith adventure. It is the adventure of a lifetime and not to be confused with bucket lists—crammed with places to visit, achievements, and adrenaline. It is a daily adventure that keeps us centered on Christ and also prepares us for acts of daring faith. It is an inner adventure that leads to an outer adventure and life to the full that Jesus promises. Our confidence comes not from others recognizing us or our calling, but as we learn to recognize the voice of God. 

We can begin to participate more fully with the inner adventure when we realize that our yearning and longing for more cannot be filled by external entertainment. Yet our desires are so deep and so real that it feels as though they could be. Our bodies—full of energy, hormones, and sex drive—are clearly made for more than the sofa and the screen. Some sort of detox might be needed to enter fully and confidently into where God is calling you next. Turn off notifications, remove social media apps, even lock your phone in a drawer, unsubscribe from Netflix, and allow your body and mind to breathe again. Reclaim your imagination and creativity; it may have been quietly suffocating in the name of entertainment. 

Like the disciples in Luke 5, sometimes we are content to merely survive, but God wants us to be fruitful. We are fixed with doing things our way, but God calls us out into deeper water. We get attached and comfortable in our small world, but God invites us to play in his big world. 


When was the last time you did something adventurous? Do you recognize the moments when you are fully alive? How can you prioritize better your inner adventure with God? 


Lord God, thank you that life with you is an adventure. Help me delve into the inner adventure and give me courage and confidence to embrace the outer adventure. Amen