The Time Is Now


We Are God’s People

To set the stage, we have to go back in history to the sixth century B.C. God’s chosen people had turned away from Him again and again. Finally, God allowed them to be defeated and taken to exile in Babylon. In the middle of this trauma, many of them turned to God and gathered to study the law of Moses and worship God. A generation or two into this new normal, the Persians took over. The remaining faithful were sent back to their homeland of Judea. The prophets Ezra, Nehemiah, Zechariah, and Haggai lived during this time and all brought messages to draw God’s people back into a right relationship with Him.

What does this ancient message have to do with us today? God’s Word carries a relevant message to all generations, not just the ones it was written for. The New Testament teaches that our bodies are God’s temple. Jesus Christ was the final and ultimate sacrifice. His death ended the temple system of blood sacrifice. And His resurrection gave us a way to worship and relate to God on a personal level. Jesus is our high priest, connecting our spirit with God’s Spirit. During the study of this book, compare God’s temple to your personal connection to Him.

Pause: Before we jump into Haggai, take some time to evaluate the condition of your spiritual “house.” Are there areas in your relationship with God that are in disrepair? What sins continue to hinder your walk with Him? What habits are holding you back? What is keeping you from seeking God’s power to help restore you in those areas? What are you waiting for? Talk to God honestly about your answers to these questions. Consider writing down your thoughts to refer back to throughout this plan.