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Living FearlessSample

Living Fearless

DAY 1 OF 5

Identifying Fear.

Before we can be set free, we must identify: what is fear?

The first dictionary definition when you search for it is:

Fear- “an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.”

I personally do not like this definition. I find it frustrating that the world declares this to be the definition, when, in Proverbs 9:10 NIV it says, The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom… " If I’m looking for wisdom, it's not to come from a place of unpleasant emotion caused by an awareness of danger. 

What it is speaking of in Proverbs is a reverent fear. A reverent fear is not being afraid, but actually living in a place of respect and wonder for who God is. It's taking God seriously for who He is and what His Word says. We are not to be scared of God, but rather, find freedom from this awareness and revelation of who God is. How clever of the enemy to try and twist the definition of the word fear to make God look mean and unpleasant to His creation. That is why we must recognize and seek to understand, with discernment from the Holy Spirit, as we seek God’s Truth.

The right fear of God is when we are taking Him as He is and knowing He is truly Almighty God! Wow, let that sit for a second. It is so easy to overlook that He is God of all. There should be a bit of a reverent fear there that the Creator of all is alive. It is so incredible! This awareness brings wisdom and knowledge to our lives in a healthy way, to live free and follow the call He has placed on our life.

One thing I have learned from skateboarding about fear is that it is absolutely okay to be scared. That it's normal and a good thing. The challenge is not letting fear stop you from doing what you know you can do or what God has called you to do. Fear makes us smarter. We are to use fear, not be used by it. This relates to every area of your life. No matter what you are involved in, at some level there is fear you must face every day. That is why I believe God says so many times in His Word, "Fear Not". I could go on and on with that one. 


Heavenly Father, thank You, 

I thank You for creating all things, for personally creating me and I ask that your Holy Spirit would place a healthy fear, reverence, and awareness in my heart for who You are. I pray that You would empower me to use fear, not to be used by it. In Jesus' Name!  Amen.


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About this Plan

Living Fearless

We either live by fear or by faith. Fear reacts to what's happening. Faith takes action and dares to believe that God is faithful to His promises, despite our current circumstance.

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