Truth I'm Standing On: Leanna Crawford

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 Day 1: Stand On God’s Faithfulness 

I have a distinct memory of learning how to ride my bike: the moment when my dad removed the training wheels; I was ready to race down the driveway! Instead of reaching a speed of a cheetah (my favorite animal at the time), I lost my balance and started to fall. But the moment before I hit the ground, I felt these tree trunk-sized arms catch me and lift me back onto my bike. It was my dad. There he was, blocking the sun out of my face while looking down at me, smiling. He laughed and said, “Try again.” In seconds, I was peddling off, only to fall again. Each time, my dad was there, catching me always at just the right moment; over and over again. Of course, as a little girl I was afraid of falling, but I also trusted that when my dad was near me, I would be okay. I had faith he would catch me. 

Since learning to ride my bike, I’ve fallen down a lot in life. Growing up in church, I learned I should trust God is faithful when I fall. I even have a dad who showed me an example of God’s love and faithfulness but I still find myself doubting and wondering if God cares enough to catch me. What if He’s tired of me because I keep messing up? What if He’s had enough of me making the same mistakes again and again? Thankfully, God isn’t that way. He doesn’t get frustrated or annoyed, and He doesn’t base His faithfulness on my doubt. So, if you’re like me and sometimes you doubt that God will come through, you’re not alone; you and I are in good company because God’s got us. 

When I find myself in a season of doubt, I often think about the story of Peter walking on water to meet Jesus (Matthew 14:22-33). Peter had seen Jesus do countless miracles, yet when Jesus asked Peter to walk out to Him, Peter had a moment of doubt. Did Jesus stand there and watch as Peter started to sink into the raging sea? No. Immediately Jesus pulled Peter out of the water and lifted him into the boat. Peter doubted, yet God was faithful. We can always stand on His faithfulness. 


Reflection and Prayer:

Are you able to trust God is faithful in your situation or do you need to call out to Him right now? Ask God to help you with your doubt so you can stand on His faithfulness.