God’s Word Always Applies

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God’s Word Is the Truth

by Mark Hayes, President of Ministry

I once was talking about the Bible with a man who considered himself an atheist. He expressed strong feelings that the Bible was a man’s book that everyone twisted it however they wanted it. He had spent a career in law enforcement and had incarcerated many criminals for heinous crimes. In court, he saw lawyers twist the words of the law to fit their clients’ circumstances and watched murderers go free. From his perspective, the law had an intended purpose in the way it was written, but too many people ignored this purpose to get what they wanted. 

Then I helped him make a connection to the Bible that hadn’t previously occurred to him. Was it possible that the Bible really was God’s book, and people sometimes distorted its truth? He allowed me to begin to share the truths of the Bible. He soon could read the words for himself and see what was there without anyone putting a spin on the meanings within the Bible. Over time, God led him to believe that He loved him and forgave him for everything because Jesus was His substitute. Based on the Word of God and the Bible’s own merits, he now believes in Jesus as His Savior. 

Love, forgiveness, and sacrifice are larger than life in God’s selfless act of sending His Son, Jesus, to save us. This amazing plan didn’t have its origin in any human’s will. Neither did the book—the Bible—that tells this story. There is comfort in knowing that God has carefully spelled out His love for us and His miraculous plan to save us by capturing His Word in a miraculous way. He led the prophets over thousands of years to write down and share His message crafted especially for us. 


Dear Father in Heaven, in a world of conflicting ideas coming at us from every direction, we are comforted to know that everything you needed us to know was carefully written in your Word. Your message and your love remain constant. Guide us to be faithful in respecting the truth of your Word. Move us to be confident in the Gospel message contained in it. Please make your life-giving truths the priority of our lives. Amen.