Prayer That Works


 God’s Word, Firm Foundation

God’s Word, the Bible, gives believers the most reliable foundation for prayer. When you declare prayers of a decree that come from the written Word of God, those prayers go forth to carry out the purpose for which the Word was sent.

Regardless of how bad the circumstances may appear, God’s Word will produce a shift when decreed and declared in faith. Decreeing the Word releases life and power.

The Gulf War was the first televised war in history. People could see computer-directed missiles being sent successfully to destroy their targets, which were hit with precision. Imagine the Word being sent like a “smart bomb” to target an area of concern that is in need of breakthrough and release. That is what happens when you decree something as directed by the Word of God. Your prayer hits its target perfectly.

God’s Word is not only designed to blast enemies; it is also creative. Just think of the beginning of Genesis, where we read about the life-giving, creative Spirit of God speaking everything into being. The same light is in His Word, and as you proclaim His Word, you are releasing God’s Spirit to create. When you decree, you are not just communicating some concepts or action points through the words you speak; you are decreeing the infusion of divine life into the situations you are targeting. Decrees are so powerful!

The elderly patriarch Abraham did not have any children when God first called him. Yet God spoke to him, changing his name from Abram to Abraham, which means “father of a multitude.” God was decreeing that Abraham was the father of a multitude when he had not yet produced even one child. He was decreeing it into being, in the same way, He called light into being in Genesis. In addition, every time Abraham spoke his own name, he was making a decree, calling himself a father of a multitude. And it came to pass.

When you decree, you call things that are not as though they are.

Decree Spiritual Strength:

When I am weary, the Lord gives me strength, and when I lack vigor, He rejuvenates me. By waiting on the Lord, I renew my strength. I can then soar like an eagle and keep moving forward powerfully, without stopping. He sustains me always.