God Did Not Do This To Me: Faith Heals

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Trusting in the Lord 

The day we learned of my husband Doug’s cancer diagnosis, I cried out to the Lord. “Please God, protect my husband, mend his hurting heart, and comfort him in his time of need. You are the one true living God who speaks to Your people. Give him strength, God. Your Word says that You never give us more than we can handle—and God, without You, I don’t think we can handle this.… God, Doug is hurting now and I don’t want him to hurt. I’m hurting and I need You to know that I don’t understand why You let this happen…but I’m going to trust You. I am not mad at You, but I don’t understand right now. I do know this: we have trusted You in the past and we are going to trust You now.” 

In the midst of my talk with God, I was going through my fair share of tissues as tears continued to stream down my face. Also, at some point in the midst of my petitions to the Lord, I shifted my prayers to declarations over Doug and our family. For the next several minutes, I put on the armor of God and the warrior princess spirit in me came alive. 

I picked up one of the many Bibles that Doug keeps on his lampstand and I began to raise the sword of the Spirit with authority, declaring His word over Douglas. I remember saying with a loud voice, “Douglas, you shall live and not die!” I paced the floor and continued to read the Scripture out loud and added our names wherever appropriate, making it personal to our family and circumstance. I continued on until my spirit fully believed what I was declaring and peace came upon me.

There is something about reading Psalm 23 and trusting He is able to do what it says. To experience the peace that comes from the words penned by King David, one must truly trust. I have heard Doug mention many times that we are all given a measure of faith. (See Luke 17:6.) The question is not whether we have faith, as the Bible clearly states that we are all given a measure of it. The question is whether we trust God to do what He says He will do. Trust makes all the difference.