Becoming a Follower of Christ

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God Loves Me

God loves you! His love is boundless and unconditional. It can be hard to believe, but it is true! We can experience God's love. He wants us to find His purpose for our lives. But too often, feelings of inadequacy or rejection from others build up and discourage us from seeking God. Yet in spite of these feelings, God still loves you. We can choose joy in knowing that His love is far greater than any love we can imagine. Think of what this means for our lives! The God of all creation is calling you to be His child! This video helps us better understand the relationship between us and God.

Watch God Loves Me

God longs for us to have a personal relationship with Him. He wants us to experience the love He so eagerly gives. We are by no means perfect. We mess up. We do things that make us ashamed to talk to God. But God continues to pursue us despite our imperfections. We are his children, and His love surpasses all our mistakes. Cherish and grow in the relationship that God wants us to have with Him. You will then experience the joys of knowing His love.

Looking Forward...

Although God's love is constant, day two will explain what keeps us from experiencing God's love.