[Who's Your One? Series] Valuable

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


Andrew Knew the Value of One

God is holy, majestic, and magnificent; at the same time, He wants to have a personal relationship with each of us. He knows us in such detail that not even a hair falls from our head without His knowledge.

Nothing can stand between us and God’s love. He is incredibly full of grace. His mercies for us are renewed every morning. He can forgive every sin you ever committed, yet he does not overlook sin. God is just and one day, He will judge each one of us. 

God’s love was demonstrated to humanity at the cross. He cared so much for every single individual that He became a man and took our punishment for sin. Those who were witnesses to this great act of love could not stay silent. As today’s reading reveals, Andrew was the first of the disciples to be called by God. 

When Andrew encountered Jesus, he understood that Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah, the One for whom his people had been waiting for centuries. What would you do if you discovered the solution to all of your nation’s problems? When Andrew did, he could not keep it to himself—the news was too good to remain untold. 

Andrew shared news of the Messiah with his brother. As a result, Simon’s life and name were forever changed. A single life was changed because of a single act. Do we value our loved ones, as Andrew did? Do we understand how valuable people are to Jesus? Do we make every effort to share the good news with them? Do you care for the single soul that lives across the street? Do you care about your office buddy or school mate? Andrew saw a soul whose life could have a completely different destiny because of Jesus.

Sometimes we focus on the masses. We believe that if we do not preach to thousands or hundreds, our service is not important nor meaningful. Andrew understood the value of a single soul. When he first preached to his brother Simon Peter, he did not know that through Peter, thousands of people would come to faith. Andrew is known in the Bible for bringing individuals, not crowds, to Christ. 

How hungry for God are those who Jesus has put in your life? Can you see how their circumstances are creating the momentum for you to share Christ with them? Thousands might come to Christ because today, you decided to allow God to speak through you to One person. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how much Jesus loves that person. Let God prepare the way and guide you as you share the gospel. Be bold; God is with you!