Spiritual Self-Care in Times of Trauma, Stress, and Loss


Self-Care is a Gift from God

When we are having a hard time, our natural instinct is to launch into self-preservation mode. Just do whatever it takes to survive! 

Self-preservation is an instinct granted by God to much of His creation. But is there more? Are we destined to be consumed with the challenges of merely surviving, or can this fundamental self-preservation be enhanced and enriched?

The good news is that our Creator has gifted us with the privilege of making choices. Beyond mere instinct lies the rich realm of self-care. We're not talking temporary luxuries like manicures and super diets. True spiritual self-care—immersed in a personal relationship with the Lord—offers greater long term value than simply surviving. 

We have the option of thriving! We can emerge on the other side of our deep valley with far more than we had when we entered it. But we have to make the choice.

Will we rely on our Creator and Great Shepherd to care for us? Will we choose to claim His amazing plans for us? 

As you go through this day, stay aware of when you launch into human self-preservation, and choose that moment to reach out to the Lord. It is always by faith. He has set things up this way simply because He wants us close to Himself.