Unshakable Faith

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If you have lived in this world for more than one day, you will have realized that not everything is perfect. I don't know what your situation is right now, but if you chose to read this devotional, you are probably looking to strengthen your faith.

The world is constantly reminding us that bad things happen, but I believe that in order to stand firm, and for our faith to be strengthened when we face challenges, it is necessary to constantly remember who the God we serve is.

God is no stranger to your pain. He is no stranger to your need. As today's verse says: He is on our side! When we have God with us, there is no reason to fear the future. Our job is to trust.

In the book of Job, we see a righteous man who did not have a perfect life, but had many difficulties. He was faced with many adverse situations, lived through pain and loss. But even in the midst of all that, his faith did not waver.

Job did not allow his emotions to guide him through the tribulations and challenges he had to face. His faith was shaken and tested by challenging moments: he lost his children and all his possessions. But, even so, he maintained a faith that was totally unshakable.

The enemy is always trying to test and shake our faith, wanting to limit our lives and take our eyes off God. But this story reminds us that, whatever happens, our God is always good and faithful.

When we search for the meaning of the word "unshakable" we find that it is something fixed, that cannot be moved or changed, constant, firm and unchanging by resolutions or effects of the spirit.

Job lived with an unshakable faith, and his attitude is challenging and inspiring. His response awakens in us a conviction that encourages us to shine with the light of Christ, to shine as children of God in difficult times.

Our challenge is to trust, even if things do not turn out as we expected, that if bad news comes knocking at our door, we will not be knocked down, but will be met with steadfast faith.

I encourage you to adopt the attitude Job had today, and that you can stand firm, trusting that nothing can separate you from God's love or thwart His plans for your future.