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Blessed Over Burdened

Before we were mothers, we thought we would rock at it. We would look at a child misbehaving and think, “When I’m a mother, my child will never do that.” Honestly, I don’t blame us. We had no idea how hard motherhood would be. We didn’t even know we could contain so much love for someone; then the next child comes along, and our hearts could just explode. We had no idea of the mom life. 

Yet, here we are, trying to do our best. There is not another human on planet Earth that loves your children like you do. When we mess up and mom guilt enters, when we are tired from restless nights, it is because of love that you keep going. Pure love drives you through each season and phase of mom life. 

Mom life is filled with highs and lows. It is exhilarating and exhausting. It is not perfect, although we love to post picture-perfect children on our Instagram and Facebook. But get this: If you think you love that kid, because you do; and no one loves him or her like you do; well, God loves your child way more than you ever could. These children that you call yours, are His and not only does He love them, but He loves you so much Mama. 

The Word of God says that children are a blessing. They are a gift from above for you to enjoy here on earth. Isn’t that something? We are blessed and yet sometimes feel burdened. “They are a handful,” we say. We feel overloaded with the responsibility of raising good little humans and stress about the tiny messes. Most of us just want them to become well-mannered, responsible adults who are happy, successful, and love God. Yet, somehow raising them to do all of that takes so much work from our part, that we have days filled with stress and doubt.

I don’t know how your day is going, Mama. It could be a restless one today. It could be one filled with toddler tantrums. You may be having the best day with your children. Nonetheless, I am here to remind you that you are loved and blessed. God loves you so much! He blessed you with children to comfort, laugh with, nurture, and do this thing called mom-life.