Miracles: What to Do When You Need One

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Focus on one thing you need from the Lord and be SPECIFIC. Miracles aren’t these impossible, improbable, and unpredictable acts of God that defy all logic from an earthly perspective. They do not defy the original relationship that God established between the physical world and the spiritual world. In fact, miracles are those acts of God that cause these two worlds to overlap for a moment in time. 

If you need something from the hand of God that you cannot produce by your own efforts, you will recognize God’s intervention in your life as a miracle no matter how others may characterize that event. God delights to do things for you that you cannot do for yourself. If you are obedient with the part of the equation that God has placed in your hands, He will be faithful with the part of the equation that you can’t handle. That is the anatomy of a miracle. 

Focus right now on the one thing you need from God more than anything else. Something that is completely impossible or improbable without the direct intervention of the Lord! What is it you want God to change? What is it you want Him to provide? What is it you want Him to remove, heal or resurrect? Name it, write it down, and focus on it as we work through the seven principles for activating the miraculous power of God in your life