The Bible Quarantine by Nick Hall - Week 1

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The Bible Quarantine: Episode 1 - You Can't Cancel the Church


We’ve woken up in a different world—one marked by isolation, disappointment, and fear. I wonder—how do we make the most of this? Instead of sitting on our couch and watching Netflix, what if we made the most of this time? That’s why we made The Bible Quarantine.

Our hope is that these videos help you hear from God and be changed in this season. In the busyness of our lives, God has finally forced us to stop.

In response to the virus, many churches are moving online, causing many to wonder, “What’s going to happen to the church?” 

The good news is this: You can’t cancel the church. Church isn’t a building or a service; it’s a people.

The book of Acts shows us what life was like for the early church. Those first Christians often lived in fear, holding meetings from house to house in small groups, often fearing for their lives. Their story, in some ways, resembles our own fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

The Bible shows us that instead of quieting the church, crisis activated the church. The love of God works best when it moves outward to the world. The church was made for times like this.

The first few chapters of Acts tell us what those first followers of Jesus were known for. They got themselves into the Word of God. They practiced being together, even if that meant finding creative ways to gather.

Instead of leaving us in isolation, this moment can force us to see what really matters. The early church wasn’t left in fear—they were expectant for all God would do. What might God do with you in this season? As you spend time with God today in the first chapters of Acts, trust that His Word will speak to you and change you so that you can share that love with others.