Prayer Secrets For Your Breakthrough


Prayer Secret: Discover Your Passion

Prayer and passion, when linked, yield powerful breakthroughs. Your God-given passion can serve as fuel for prayer. And in prayer the Lord will give you a burden and a plan of action. Prayer is key to discovering your passion and purpose, which activate the inner drive necessary to fulfill your God-given dreams. Without a burden there is no passion or desire to do anything impactful. Discovering your passion can assist in providing the benefits necessary to live a blessed life in Christ.

Your prayer life will take on new purpose, power and passion when you understand God’s call to partner with Him for the things that are on His heart. God wants you to be available and open to hear His passion in prayer that He desires to share with you. 

Nehemiah is primarily known for praying for the rebuilding of Jerusalem. As cupbearer to the king, Nehemiah was in a position of authority. One day he asked his brothers about Jerusalem and the Jews who had escaped captivity. He learned that Jerusalem’s wall had crumbled, the gates were burned and the citizens were in great distress. Upon hearing the news, he wept, mourned, prayed and fasted before God. Displaying great courage, he asked the king to allow him to go to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. 

Remarkably, Nehemiah let his passion drive him to lead the reconstruction of the wall around Jerusalem. In only 52 days the people built the wall, which restored the city’s honor and strength. We can see clearly Nehemiah’s passion for his fellow Jews, their spiritual livelihood and their city.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to carry a burden for people and express it openly as people of prayer. Through prayer and fasting, God helped Nehemiah move from being overwhelmed by the problem to passionately developing a solution. When God speaks to us, His messages burn in our hearts like fire. 

The prophet Jeremiah experienced this. When he wanted to stop prophesying because his messages from the Lord were ruining his reputation, Jeremiah exclaimed that God’s word burned in his heart like fire. It was like a fire in his bones! God has this kind of fire for you.

Pray this with me: Father God, give me clarity of my purpose so that I can possess a renewed sense of love for what You have called me to do. Ignite me with fresh passion to fulfill my destiny and Your purpose. In Jesus’ name, Amen! 

Declare this repeatedly aloud throughout your day today: God is lighting my heart with His fire to pursue my purpose passionately with the power of God.

Reflection question: Ask God to show you one specific, practical thing you can do to ignite or increase your passion. Write it down and put it into practice in some way today.