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[Confident Series] Confident: Things We KnowSample

[Confident Series] Confident: Things We Know

DAY 1 OF 6

The Importance of Knowing Things

We all have limited knowledge. There are many things in this world we do not know.

On one hand, humanity has only explored five percent of the ocean. On the other hand, if someone from a different occupation sits down next to us and starts a conversation using professional lingo, we are unsure of how to respond. We do not know what they are saying. We don’t even know how many hairs are on our heads. But God does. 

If you could ask God any question about something you do not know, what would you ask Him? Would you ask Him philosophical questions, such as “Why is there evil in the world?” and “Do I have a purpose?” Or would you ask Him more practical questions, like “What does my future hold” or “What do I do in a particular situation?” Would your questions be even more intimate in nature? The good news is that God not only knows everything, but He made sure that the Bible teaches us things that we need to know.

The Bible tells us what aspects of our spiritual life we can be confident about. It is very important for us as believers to know what we know. When our lives are anchored on spiritual certainties, this will help us to survive in the times and places of uncertainty. When we know something about a sphere of life, this knowledge affects how we relate to the unknown. For example, what a couple knows about parenthood helps them when they encounter an unfamiliar situation with their kids. What a man knows about being a husband helps him in those moments when he does not understand his wife. The known things in life should inform the unknown things. We should make our decisions based on certainty, not uncertainty. 

This principle is even more important in our spiritual walk. It is essential for us to be certain about our relationship with God. This knowledge will help us in any uncertain life situation we might encounter. The more we understand the Lord and His will for us, the more we can walk through life with confidence. We can also trust God with the things that He wants us to know. Since the Lord is all-knowing, He knows which certainties are vital for us to be successful in this world. That is why the Apostle John lists five truths that Christians need to know to live victoriously. Each devotional in the next five days introduces a truth that “we know.”

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[Confident Series] Confident: Things We Know

How do we live a victorious Christian life in this sinful world? In the third devotional plan from the Confident series, we learn how Christians can know important things with certainty to thrive in the uncertainty of li...


This devotional was provided by Gregg Matte, senior pastor at Houston’s First Baptist Church and founder of Bible Breakaway Ministries, in partnership with El Centro Network. If you want to know more about these organizations, please visit: and

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