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Discovering God's Secret PlacesSample

Discovering God's Secret Places

DAY 1 OF 6

Our Secret Place

This Bible Plan was written by JS, World Team missionary in Cambodia

During the recent global health crisis, we are once again reminded that all our technology, medicine and science cannot control our sin-corrupted world. As we journey through this turbulent and uncharted territory, our faith and trust in God may be challenged, and we soon find out where our anchor rests. 

As God’s workers around the world, whether in cross-cultural missions or as sowers of Good News or as shepherds, our true home, like the Israelites, is not the house where we live, nor a congregation nor a country nor a place. And yet we are not homeless. As believers, our Home is in Him alone — a place of refuge, safety, happiness, love and rest. Only as we dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High will we be able to minister to the sin-battered souls around us. 

It was said that Moses wrote Psalm 91 as a prayer during the years of wandering in the wilderness. If Numbers 20 is any indication, Moses had good reason to seek refuge in the Sanctuary of God’s presence. The loss of his two siblings, Miriam and Aaron, a grumbling nation to lead, a disappointing burst of self-absorbed anger and a closed door — all in one chapter. In verses 1-6 of Psalm 91, Moses directs his words to us: we need not be afraid of the terror, the arrow, the pestilence (disease) and the destruction. They shall not lay us waste.

As we minister to the people around us, both believers and not-yet believers, are we ourselves securely dwelling in the Secret Place of the Most High and confidently abiding under the shadow of His protective wings? This is the secret refuge which the people we minister to long for. If we can rest in the secure presence of God, Psalm 91:1 can become for us and for all who are in trouble a kind of 9-1-1 on which we can call.

o Praise God that…

· He is never far from us, but waits for us to dwell with Him in the Secret Place.

· He has the power to deliver us when we are engulfed in any evil in this fallen world.

o Pray that…

· We will not fear (Isaiah 43:1) but rather trust in God who is our Rock and Shelter.

· We will enter into the Secret Place of abiding communion with Him, and be a source of hope and blessing to those who see that our Anchor is firm.

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About this Plan

Discovering God's Secret Places

Have you ever felt it is hard to abide in Christ when God seems so distant? Many Christians, including pastors, missionaries and full-time workers, admit to feeling distant from God and ministering from an empty heart. ...


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