I See You, Mom

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I Celebrate the Wins (No Matter How Shiny)

My beautiful friend was having a baby. Several women came together to throw her an amazing shower, and I was in charge of the banner. And like the infamous Phoebe from “FRIENDS” and her “cups and ice” party, I went so extra. It was incredible! There were layers and lace and fans and glitter-paper realness. I spent hours on that monster. When I was finished. I took a picture and sent it to my younger sister. 

“Wow!” was her response. “That’s incredible! “You’re so talented!” I was elated; I felt accomplished, special. Then, thirty minutes later, my sister sent me a picture. She was currently working at fashion week in New York sitting beside, none other than, THE Martha Stewart, herself. Suddenly my dinky banner became lack luster, unimportant. 

Why do I do that? Why do I diminish my accomplishments in the light of other’s success? Why do I measure the amount of blessings poured out on my life and family to the detriment of my joy? 

In Luke Chapter 1, Elizabeth was given a miracle. She was given a child super late in life, and this was going to be an important pregnancy. She was going to carry a baby that would CHANGE THE WORLD! He would prepare the way for the Lord! But six months later, her young cousin shows up, and she is also miraculously pregnant, a virgin still, and she is carrying the SAVIOR of the world! The ultimate one-up. 

However, Elizabeth’s first response is not of jealousy but of celebration. Elizabeth responds with, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.” A miracle is a miracle--a win is a win.

Competition has no place in motherhood. Whether a mother is breastfeeding, bottling feeding, on a schedule or not, homeschool, public schools, or private schools. Whether a mom works, stays home, eats organic or frozen green beans is irrelevant in the miracle that is motherhood. The circumstances of motherhood do not diminish its power. I see and celebrate ALL the wins of motherhood. You get your child to eat a vegetable? YAS QUEEN!! Your child can perform all of Beethoven’s 5th symphony? YOU GO, MAMMA!

But that also means we have to start celebrating our own wins. When God is working in and through us, through our  patience, our perseverance, our faith, we have to celebrate the wins no matter how big or small they may seem. For the measure of a win is not in a picture, a post, or a number following, but in the hearts of our children, the building of their character, the survival of another day. And when we praise God for those wins, it places the honor on Him, and the pressure off us. God celebrates all types of victories. He said “it is good” when he created the duck-billed platypus, AND when he created the earth and the sky. A miracle is a miracle. A win is a win.


Dear Lord, thank you for the miracle of motherhood. Thank you for shining your light on my wins. Open my eyes to the celebrations, big and small. Create spaces in my heart to be happy for others while recognizing the power and importance of my own wins. Amen.