Pandemic Prayers: Seven-Day Family Prayer Guide


Day 1: Pray for faith over fear

God is not surprised when we are fearful. In fact, the Bible is packed full of Scripture reminding us of why we don’t need to fear anything. It teaches us to simply trust in the Lord and know that his provision is perfect.

Here’s what we’re to do when we are fearful:

  • Take our worries to him in prayer (1 Peter 5:7).

  • Believe that he hears us when we pray (Psalm 34:17).

  • Remember that he loves and protects us no matter what we face (Deuteronomy 31:6).

In John 16:33, Jesus very plainly offers that in this world there will be trouble. But friends, we need not fear, for he has overcome the world. In other words: Be courageous knowing no matter what we face, Jesus has already beat it!

Lord, remind us that you are bigger than any illness or disease that threatens our country. You control the rising of the sun, the orbiting of the galaxies, and each and every star in the sky is placed there by you. Teach us to trust you because you love and protect us, even in the most uncertain of times. Replace our fear with faith so that we can experience complete rest and peace, knowing you have power over all things.