21 Days Of Prayer (John 17)


Day 1 - Pray with Urgency

Pause & Reflect 

What place does prayer have in your life? Is it a meal-time ritual or does it only happen when you need God most? Wherever you are in your prayer journey, there is an example you can follow to grow your prayer life. His name is Jesus. He believed prayer moved the Kingdom of God forward, and He lived out His prayer life with that urgency. 

As you go through this journey, you will follow Jesus’ example as recorded in John 17, which is His prayer during His final moments before the cross. For the next 21 days, get bold with your prayers. Do you want to see God move His Kingdom forward? The hour has come; will you join us in prayer for this journey?

Speak a prayer asking God to transform your prayer life over the next 21 days to look more like Jesus. Pray with desperation and honesty.