Seeing God: Job’s Suffering and God’s Wisdom

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Day 1: Does God See My Suffering?


Job felt alone—unseen and unheard. Though he had served God faithfully, he could see only loss. He thought God was cruel and unjust. As his situation grew worse and his suffering grew more intense, Job determined that God was callous and uncaring. He firmly believed he deserved an audience with God so that Job could be proven righteous. 

Reflect on how your circumstances dictate how you feel about God. Does your trust in His faithfulness shift when life takes a turn you never wanted? 


Our good God, sometimes life looks so different from what we expected. In those moments, it’s easy to see You as our enemy or to assume that we know better than You. Forgive us and teach us to trust You instead. Give us grateful hearts that earnestly lean into Your love, rather than our own understanding. Be merciful and present as we wrestle with this fallen world.