Gone Fishin’ Three


I Used To Share Jesus Everywhere

When I became a Christian at the age of 21, I told everybody I knew about Jesus. But as the years went on, my circle of friends became nearly all Christians. Talking to people about becoming a Christian became a rarity. Have you experienced that? Are all your friends Christians? Do you wonder if you've become too self-centered? I realized I was missing out on all that joy.

Then God Opened My Eyes

Gone Fishin’ began in my heart Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

A friend of mine shared in a message to our adult fellowship: “If you ever wish you had more ministry, just go sit in the waiting room of a hospital.” I instantly knew this is what the Lord wanted me to do. I’ve been watching another friend for years faithfully share Christ wherever she went. I always wanted to be like that.

This could be titled “Gone Lovin’” because I simply want to be Jesus to people. If that includes sharing the complete gospel too, great!

As it turns out, this excitement is now happening wherever I go. I have returned to my “New Christian” lifestyle. What a blessing.

Kenneth, a retired hospital volunteer with no interest in religion, and a young man with a broken leg.

He asked why I was here.
I told him I hoped I could encourage someone and asked if there was anything I could pray about with him?

Nice guy, but Kenneth sees no need for God. Okay if everybody else wants to be religious. He isn’t really anti-God, just doesn’t really think it’s important. For some people, it’s a great thing. Just not him.


So I said, “What do you think about the whole Jesus thing?” He hasn’t thought much about it. I told him that’s the way I was, and when somebody told me when I died there would be a judgment day, it meant nothing to me. I just figured I was a good enough guy.


I said “Well, the thing is, all the spiritual leaders in this world simply died and that was it. They might have made people live better lives, but they didn’t do anything for people who are concerned about when they die.”


I told him a person I talked to recently said he doubted that Jesus actually did die. I explained to him about the governor at the time making sure he was dead and wanted to break his legs, but they said they didn’t need to because he was dead.

I talked about the protections that the leader put around the grave—16 soldiers—so his followers couldn’t say he was still alive. But that he actually did come back to life and went around for 40 days with the scars on his side and his hands and his feet and thousands saw him.


So I said, “See, you pretty much have to decide if you’re going to believe that, because if he beat death, then there’s hope for when we die.”

Then we discussed why people have to even be concerned about not going to heaven. I said, “You probably feel like you’re a pretty decent guy and maybe you’d stand a good chance, right?” He said, “Yes, I suppose.” It is clear to me that his interest is pretty slim.

So I asked him what he knows about the ten commandments and he said: “Well, we’re not supposed to lie or steal.” So I said, “Well, how about you, have you ever lied or stolen?” He said, “Of course, who hasn’t?”


So I reminded him of what I was told, that when we die there is a judgment day and the only people who will be safe at that point in time are those who trust in Jesus who paid for every one of our sins.

Then some people came up and asked Ken to take them somewhere.

I next sat down and talked with a guy with a broken leg who was about 30. It was a short conversation with me empathizing with him and then he had to go. He asked for my name and shook my hand and said it was nice talking to me.


“Lord God. This was one of those times where it ‘appears’ nothing of an eternal nature happened. Yet, I know you. You’re Omnipotent! I rest in knowing you are the Savior. Not me! Thanks for letting me talk with each of these people, and please use the times to bring each a step closer to you, Lord.”

I am learning to love the people with whom God’s Spirit is prompting me to share his story. I never know what God might already be doing in their lives. The love of Jesus has stirred within me and completely overcome my fears and obstacles to sharing. Praise the Lord!

What an adventure! To God be the glory!

Please say a prayer Kenneth will have his eyes opened by the Holy Spirit.