The Heart Of The Father

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Do you know the Father's heart toward you?

I was inspired to write this plan because of COVID-19. As I pen these words, we in New York are under a "Shelter in Place" order where all non-essential businesses and workers are required to stay at home. It is a nationwide go slow, and the once busy, bustling city that never seems to sleep is now like a ghost town. Everyone looks a little suspicious, anxious, fearful, and worried. I lived through the 9/11 attacks back in 2001, and one would think I would be ready for anything, yet this seems to be something we are never prepared for. 

Some of the crucial questions popping up at this time are, "How can God allow this to happen?" or "Why is God doing this?” Then there are comments such as, "God is judging the world," or "God is very angry and running out of patience with sinful man." Are these questions and comments legitimate? I would have to say, "Yes"! Having questions, especially about God in times of crisis, is reasonable. Making statements and comments about God in times of crisis is also very typical, while the comments may be far from the truth; we will always hear them from the critics. But being presented with these questions and comments is a blessing in disguise because it opens up a door for discussion that can present God in a way the world has not known Him.

Before I came to the revelation about God being my heavenly Father, I only knew Him as a judge. I had the picture of Him being mean, angry, and upset at me all the time. I believed His only agenda was to catch me doing wrong so He could then continue to pour out judgment upon me. Because of this view and belief, I also lived with an expectation of things always turning out bad or going wrong. I had very brief moments of happiness. After all, when I did something right, God was happy. This belief of God as a judge instilled a lot of fear in me, and I did not enjoy my walk with God. In the past, I would have also asked the questions and made statements like those above. How about you? 

After I had my children, I finally began to get a glimpse of the Father's heart for me. I was able to relate my love for my children to the love God, the Father, has for us. Yet, our capabilities of loving are so inferior compared to His. Today, when I look at this plague ravishing humanity, I know it is not the Father's heart for His creation. You see, God made man in His image and likeness, and God gave man the earth as his inheritance to have dominion over. Satan stole that inheritance from man-kind and introduced sin and death. God then sent His Son to reconcile man back to God and reinstate dominion once again to his children. 

If man does not come into the covenant with Jesus, then he continues to live under the law of sin and death, thereby giving the enemy the legal right to oppress, persecute, steal, kill and destroy. So, while many may say this is the judgment of God, I believe it is a consequence of man's actions that goes against God's word, which in turn opens the door for the enemy to attack through sickness, disease, famine, and natural disasters. 

While God is not doing this, He most definitely can use this as an awakening. He can stir the hearts of many by pointing them back to the truth of His word and His heart for humanity. He can extend more grace, patience, and mercy so that we may turn, once more, to his ability to save. God is about love and life; it is the enemy who has a plan to steal, kill, and destroy. I hope that as you read through this plan, you will discover the beautiful heart of the Father!