Why?: A Study Through Job


By Danny Saavedra

“There was a man in the country of Uz named Job. He was a man of complete integrity, who feared God and turned away from evil.”—Job 1:1 (HCSB)

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.” 

Integrity is hard to come by these days. While I’m sure you could make that broad statement about every era of humanity (even in the Garden integrity was in short supply!) . . . today, through technology, we’re constantly exposed to the worst of humanity. We can instantly watch videos, view photos, read articles, and check social media to see just how little integrity exists in the world.  

Now, imagine meeting a person described as “a man of complete integrity.” Not a little integrity or some integrity. It says COMPLETE integrity. This is how Job is described. Theologian Joseph Barnes expanded on this, saying, “The idea seems to be that his piety, or moral character, was ‘proportionate’ and was ‘complete in all its parts.’ He was a man of integrity in all the relations of life—as an Emir (aristocratic or noble and title of high office), a father, a husband, a worshipper of God.” 

So, how did Job earn such high praise in the Word? He was a man “who . . . turned away from evil.” Another translation says that he “shunned evil.” He embodied Psalm 37:27 (“Depart from evil, and do good”), as he carefully avoided all sin and did what was right in the eyes of God and man. 

And why did he do that? He did this because he “feared God.” Bible commentator A.R. Faussett explains that “Job feared God with a filial and godly fear, which sprung from the grace of God, and was encouraged and increased by his goodness to him, and through a sense of it; it was attended with faith and confidence of interest in him, with a holy boldness and spiritual joy, and true humility; and comprehended the whole of religious worship, both public and private, internal and external.” 

My friends, I pray that as children of God we may take a page out of Job’s book. I pray we would live with the fear of the Lord as the Spirit conforms us daily to Christ’s image, imprinting His complete integrity and righteousness on us. And I pray we would be a people who flee from evil and shun anything that stands in opposition to the Lord and His truth.  

DIG: What are some biblical examples of integrity?  

DISCOVER: Why is it so hard to find people, even within Christian circles, who display complete integrity as Job did?

DO: Pray that the Lord would reveal areas of your life where you’re not experiencing holistic integrity. Ask Him to search your heart for any wicked thing and guide you to obedience and honor in these areas.