Loving Our Enemies


God has always deeply loved his image bearers ... human beings. He originally fashioned us for worship and service as His co-regents over the good creation and all it contains. Adam (human) and Eve (life) were the first royal priests of God in the garden-temple space where heaven and earth were one. Though our first parents forfeited their authority and strayed from their vocation, our Heavenly Father did not give up on the human project. God intervened on humanity’s behalf by coming into His broken world in person! Jesus of Nazareth. God’s only Son, came from heaven to earth to take away the sins of the world, reaffirm the Father’s redeeming love for us all and restore us to our original vocation.

Salvation in Jesus Christ is rooted in something much more profound than propositional “truths” to which we give mental assent. It involves a relational attachment love in which God “glues” Himself to us, and we to Him. This love-bond is experienced relationally in the deepest recesses of our beings. God’s grace and His Spirit’s work form a new heart within us, our identity is transformed, and we begin to naturally love God in response and express His love for others. God’s truth is nested in his love.

Welcome the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to “be present” to you and open your heart to God like a flower opens to recieve the rays of the sun and the rain from heaven. Place your trust in Jesus Christ and welcome Him to transform you into the person He wants you to become.