I Need a Miracle

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The Miracle Messiah

Do you believe in miracles? Did you know that Christ is the One who does miracles? There is an action figure from the D.C. Comics universe named Mister Miracle. Let me tell you something: Jesus should be named Mr. Miracle, not a guy that looks like a fly in a green and red suit. We don’t need a superhero; we need a super Savior, and His name is Jesus Christ. He is a God of miracles, who will do incredible things in your life. 

Now, if you have a daughter, a soundtrack that has probably made it to your Spotify is The Greatest Showman. I know guys like it too, but if you have a daughter, you’ve probably been seeing moves and dances from the movie. You have also probably memorized the lyrics to every song, thanks to your daughter who has it on repeat. It’s a good movie, I get it, but let me tell you—Jesus is not the greatest showman. He is not doing things with sleight of hand for personal gain. He is not asking you to walk in to see something odd. It is not a show. He wants to do great and miraculous things in your life, but not for you just to look at them to say, “Wow!” He does miracles to move your heart to believe in Him. He is not doing something for personal gain, but for God’s glory in all things. 

Throughout this plan, we are going to look at miracles. If you are going to be a follower of Christ, you have to know that Jesus is the miracle Messiah. He is into miracles, big-time! The Word of God says that Jesus worked many other miracles that were not written about in the Scriptures, but the ones that we get to read about were written so that we will put our faith in Jesus as the Son of God. When we place our faith in Him and believe that He is the Son of God, we will have true life.