Courage in the Storm

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What If?

What if Jesus, our Savior, had never come to planet Earth? What would we have missed out on? Here are a few things we would have missed out on. First, we would not have all the hospitals. Every city has a Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, or Presbyterian hospital. Am I right? Has anybody ever heard of the hospital of the Atheist? Nope, it does not exist. 

Second, universities started in the Middle Ages so that we would be able to learn the things of God. Many of the Ivy League schools were birthed out of Christianity. When the pilgrims came over, this American experiment (as some people call it) was based upon the foundations of Christianity. The civil liberties that we have, such as the abolition of slavery, both in modern and older times, began through Christians. Modern science was a discovery of the glories of God. The discovery of the new world by Columbus happened because they said, “Go out and discover what all God has done.”

In addition, the greatest thing that has ever happened for women’s rights is Jesus Christ. As men of God, we are taught to love our wives. We are to treat them with kindness, to guide and lead them. Women’s rights have been lifted up by Jesus Christ. Do you know of any other religion that believes in loving and uplifting women?

Another thing we would miss out on is charity, benevolence, and helping the poor. Another is the elevation of the common man—that you do not have to be a blue-blood or an aristocrat to be important in God’s eyes. Because of Jesus, there’s a high regard for human life. 

Most importantly, we would miss out on eternal salvation for countless souls. Some believe that everything would be better if Jesus had not come because religious issues would not exist. But I guarantee you everything would be worse. We wouldn’t have any of the blessings that our God has granted us. Jesus Christ showed up on Earth to do all of these things, but even more than these, He showed up for the salvation of souls. He came to change your life and my life so that we could have peace, trust, and relationship with God. That’s a powerful thing. That’s what it means for us to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Follow me, as I follow Christ.