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Love Your Enemies

Jesus was very specific as he spake to the disciples about this topic.  But even as followers of Christ, this area confronts us with much difficulty because we are still wrapped up in this barrier called flesh.  Nonetheless, we have been confronted with the responsibility to take our love to a higher level and show love to our enemies.  Like, actually look out for them.  Think of the example/standard we are setting in the world.  

What are some examples of loving our enemies?  Well, we can not only pray for them, but if they permit, we can pray with them about specific situations that may be weighing them down and genuinely want God to move on their behalf.  We can pay a bill for them, pick up groceries for them when they experience financial challenges, or clean their home when they are physically unable to.  This requires constant examination of our heart and intentions to ensure that we love them as if they were not an enemy, but instead a friend.

Affirmation: I will show unconditional love, even toward my enemies.