Suddenly Unemployed – Take It to the Lord in Prayer

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Day 1: “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”

In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, He revealed that the Father expects life to be filled with prayer, in times of peace and in times of tumult. Jesus offered very practical direction about how His followers should pray: 

  • find a separate place to talk with the Father rather than making a public display of it 

  • be honest with God instead of performing for people

  • spend time with Him and avoid repeating meaningless words

  • draw close to God rather than pushing Him away

Jesus went on to give His followers a model prayer, the Lord’s Prayer. Maybe you memorized it as a child, recited it countless times, yet it was nothing more than a rote prayer, something said without thinking much about the words or meaning. Or maybe you’ve prayed it diligently with all sincerity. Why not consider praying it in a fresh way?

In times of crisis, such as finding oneself "suddenly unemployed," people can do one of two things—turn away from God, or lean hard into Him. You’re reading this plan because you’ve decided to take the latter approach. In light of this, let’s turn to the Lord’s Prayer as a model prayer, one that will draw you closer to God’s heart and help comfort and guide you during this difficult season.

As you seek to lean into the Lord all the more while navigating job loss, let’s look to Jesus to “teach us to pray”—making His words deeply personal, one phrase at a time.

Prayer Prompts:

  • Let God know you desire to lean into Him even more during these days.

  • Consider if anything is holding you back from being honest with God.

  • Invite Jesus, “Lord, teach me to pray.”