Stay in Your Lane

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In a world where we are constantly faced with this challenge, when will enough be enough? How do we protect ourselves from becoming victims of the social standards society projects and consequently becoming preoccupied with wanting and envying the successes of others? How can we learn to stay in our own lane? Over the next few days, we will uncover a few areas that can help you. 

1. Know who you are

There are so many different influences and voices in our society and culture today that can infiltrate us on a personal level. If we do not have a strong sense of identity and worth, society will decide for us. We must all be intentional about deciding what kind of person we want to be, what we want to stand for and the why behind everything we do and pursue. What are the driving forces and values you want to live your life by? Then you will always have an anchor to come back to in times where you may be noticing comparison creeping in. Ask yourself, why do I want that or why am I pursuing that? What is the underlying motivation? Is it for status and to meet expectations? Or do you genuinely desire those things for the right reasons? Knowing who you are will guide you to engage in intrinsic motivation. Be a leader, not a follower.