Hope for the Postpartum Mom


Always Ready to Help

Amanda Taylor is a mom of 6 who experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, and was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis 12 days after her fourth baby was born. Jan Kimball, LMSW, LCSW, is a professional counselor, and gives practical help from a clinical perspective. In this plan, they will give you Scripture and biblical insights, as well as sound clinical advice to offer help and hope for postpartum moms. 

One in five women will experience postpartum depression. This black cloud of depression, tearfulness, anxiety, and dark thoughts, which arrives after the birth of your baby, can isolate you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Postpartum depression is a real and treatable medical illness, not a mental defect or character flaw.

After my fourth child was born, I experienced postpartum depression, anxiety and psychosis. I experienced every emotion imaginable: sadness, happiness, anger, joy, mania, depression, anxiousness, and more. It was all very overwhelming. 

One of the very best things to do when you are in an overwhelming season is to get in the Word. In my experience, the last thing I wanted to do was read my Bible. I wanted to lay in bed all day, not shower, not brush my teeth, and for sure not read the Bible. But when I did, it was very lifegiving, whether I felt it or not. 

Psalm 46:1 NLT says that, “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”

Sometimes our postpartum season can feel like a “time of trouble.” You might think things like, “I don’t feel anything towards my baby,” “I feel so distant from my husband,” or “why is this so hard? It doesn’t look hard for my friends on Instagram.” In your time of trouble, in your postpartum season, cling to this truth: God is your refuge and strength. He is always ready to help you. Right now. Today. Trust Him through this season. 

There is so much hope to be found in scripture for this season. These particular scriptures were not written directly to a postpartum mom, but the hope they offer in this season is still applicable. Hebrews 4:12 says that, “The Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow.” I am praying that the following verses encourage your heart and soul in this season.

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” God is with you. Right now in your postpartum season. He will not fail you or abandon you. He is taking care of you. Our bodies are very complex and labor and delivery brings all kinds of mental, physical, and emotional challenges. And through it all, He is faithful. 

Psalm 91:2 says that, “He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust Him.” Trust Him today, no matter what you are feeling. There were times I couldn’t even read my Bible because of how bad I felt in my postpartum season. Turn on the audio and let it speak truth over you. Turn on a worship playlist. Trust Him. He is your God. 

I felt so discouraged during my postpartum season. Why did I feel so unlike myself? When would I feel “normal?” How long would this last? Why did it seem to last forever? This is what I know: God will strengthen you and help you just as He did with me. Isaiah 41:10 says, “don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” 

God is good. God is faithful. He sees you. He will not abandon you. He will not fail you. Not during your postpartum season. Not ever. You can trust Him no matter what. 

Today’s Action Step:

Every day, we want to encourage you not only with truth, but also with an action step. We fully believe that God will be with you and help you during your postpartum season. We also know the value in reaching out for help. 

Today we want to challenge you to reach out for help. Reach out to your spouse, family, OB/GYN, family doctor, friends, pastor, counselor, etc. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be embarrassed. There is hope for you. 

Prayer for the Postpartum Mom

Lord, I pray right now that Your truth may penetrate deep into my soul. May I be encouraged and strengthened by reading Your Word. May You remind me how faithful You are in every season, including the postpartum season. Lord, You are my refuge. You are my safe place. You are always ready to help. Your timing is perfect. May I trust You every single day. Thank You for never leaving us or forsaking me, even at some of my weakest moments. I praise You for all you do, in every season. You are good. Amen.