Explore The Monastic Rhythms That Make for Healthy Leadership

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Deepening our Roots in Godly Gravitas 

“Gravitas.” It’s not a word we use much anymore, but it carries a powerful meaning. A person of gravitas is someone who contains weight in their person, substance in their character. It’s not about being impressive; it’s about carrying intrinsic authority in our words and actions—something that inspires us to be our best. Something that carries the aroma of Christ. 

In today’s Scripture, the religious establishment was “astonished” when they ran up against the gravitas of Peter and John. The religious police felt the weight of the disciples’ conviction and their courage in the face of grave threat. The only way they knew how to explain such spiritual authority was to recognize their relationship with Jesus. This is no less true for us today.

Picture a giant oak. The weight and breadth of its branches must be supported by the depth and health of its roots. There are far too many examples today of leaders whose span of influence outgrew their depth of spiritual substance. To withstand the storms of our culture, we must plunge our roots deep in Christ. What could that look like?

It’s about investing our time and priority in spiritual practice. Prayer, meditation, journaling, silence—these and many other monastic forms of engagement with God cause our roots to run deep, drawing up the very life of God into our souls so that we are resourced for the demands of daily life and leadership. What practice would you like to deepen?