The Peace Habit


Hidden Peace

In the troubled world we live in, peace or the feeling of it seems hidden.  Isn’t it funny, we think we are content people but take away our comfort level and familiar routine and we go into panic mode quickly!  Everyone has been challenged in this area.

The Bible teaches us that God grows our character through testing and hardship so I wonder what it looks like to Him when we get frustrated over major disruptions or interruptions to our “normal.”

How do you find peace in those scenarios that leave you feeling aggravated and anxious?  Can we really claim to have peace, only to watch it dissolve because our expectations are met with uncertainty and ambiguity?

Peace can start small and grow. If anyone has a true reason to be discontent with life it would have been Paul, the apostle.  Not only was he beaten and ran out of town several times, God re-directed his missionary journey by sending him to a very remote island named Malta with a tribe of savages.  However, God used his precarious situation for the good.  Paul had peace and hosted his own island revival!

I’ve learned that having a peaceful mind is a perspective we overlook when we’re feeling anxious.  When I read all the controversy Paul endured, I can honestly say I’ve not experienced extreme difficulty like he did.  The peace Paul experienced was in his perspective of his circumstances.   Paul, spent a lot of time in high stress plus he made friends with disappointment.  From shore to shipwreck and chains to prison cells, in each encounter, he used peace like a weapon. 

As we’re deeply rooted in Christ, we can experience the same kind of peace.  By putting our trust and faith in God alone, we are able to endure any situation no matter how painful or difficult it may be. We are granted perfect peace in whatever life throws at us. 

Peace is Christ’s presence.  His plans for us are not based on how good life treats us. His presence gives peace and removes every fear and all anxiety.  So when life becomes a circus, or peace seems hidden, keep the habit of prayer a priority and put your concerns into God’s hands.  His peace guards you and keeps you in peace.  Seek God, for the Prince of Peace is in you.  

Janelle Keith