Suffer Strong: A Plan for Redefining Everything



(Re)Defining Our Terms

Socrates famously wrote, “The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” We often take definitions for granted, but the true or false definition of a critical word can determine the quality of your earthly experience. Success and failure aren’t determined solely by outcome, but rather by definitions. When we fail to speak in God’s language of what can actually be good, beautiful, beneficial, and bright, we will miss the treasures to be found in the depths of loss, trauma, failure, and limitations. When we believe good and hard are diametrically opposed, we are robbed of experiencing the dynamic fullness of the good/hard life. 

Even when our circumstances remain the same, so much can change when we choose to redefine the core metrics that shape our experience in the world. We can’t redefine our way out of the hard stuff, but can decide to reframe the inevitable valleys as an opportunity to see from a different perspective and a chance to blaze a trail into a new kind of freedom.