Truth Defined: Living Like Its True

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Long before the antiseptic qualities of light were known or the surgical application of concentrated light (lasers) was discovered, the Bible called us to reflect God’s light.

When you walk into a room and flick on the switch, the light reveals what is in the room. People count on the darkness to cover their actions and keep their sins a secret.

Do not be startled when people react to you, or even accuse you of being judgemental when you haven’t said a word. This can be a confirmation of the reality that you are reflecting God’s light. Just as someone shared God’s love with you, this is an opportunity to tell them about God’s mercy and forgiveness.

When we are afraid that there is no solution, revealing our sins can be terrifying. As a person of the light, you have a message that God already knows everything we are trying to hide and that He has made a way for us to be restored through Jesus.

In the Scripture you'll read today, Paul is warning His readers not to participate in the things that hinder being on mission for God.

We are often referred to as "people of light," meaning God is using us, our lives, to light the way for others toward truth. Toward love. Toward a relationship with Jesus. But, we must be on guard against our old ways of living that dim our light.

Is there someone in your life who insists on trying to excuse their sins? What do you think your reaction should be?